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News November 14, 2022

Exeger partners with the Japanese semiconductor company Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc.

Exeger and Nisshinbo Micro Devices are in partnership to produce maintenance-free IoT devices.

Exeger’s solar cell technology, Powerfoyle, comes with unique design capabilities and will bring exceptional value to Nisshinbo’s product offering. Powerfoyle is available in over a hundred different patterns and textures can be made in almost any shape or form. Powerfoyle is customized and tailor-made for each final product, meaning there is never any compromise on design.

Nisshinbo develops products such as power management ICs, operational amplifiers, Li-ion battery protection ICs, high-performance LSI’s and component products using microwave technology. The Nisshinbo offering will be combined with Powerfoyle Indoor solar cells, which have been optimized for indoor settings, to offer maintenance-free IoT devices.

The resulting Nisshimbo and Exeger solution will facilitate the development, integration, and manufacturing of new IoT devices. The partnership will benefit customers by shortening time to market and helping them create more environmentally-friendly products.

The first demo product is a sensor board using the coupled technologies and will be showcased at Electronica in Münich, Germany, 15-18 November. The board is based on Nisshinbo’s newly released RIOT-002 Environment Sensing Board that can send sensor data including temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, illuminance, and 3-axis acceleration to tablets and other devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Environment data loggers and electronic shelf tags are two target applications that can benefit from this partnership.

“Nisshinbo’s power-efficient technology coupled with Powerfoyle opens up a huge opportunity within the Internet of Things market and shows the potential clean, endless energy can have. I’m excited to showcase the result of our partnership this week and to see the feedback from the market”, says Oscar Hemberg, Chief Product Integration Officer, Exeger.

“One of our core competences is ultra-low current consumption, which enables the customer to develop not only eco-friendly products, but also the products that could not be deployed due to power budget. With Powerfoyle® and our technology, we strongly believe that we can cultivate a new Internet of Things market. We are very glad to be in partnership with Exeger and look forward to working together to develop maintenance-free IoT devices,” says Satoru Taji, Representative Director, President, Nisshinbo Micro Devices.

About Nisshinbo Micro Devices

Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. is the result of the integration of former New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. and former RICOH Electronic Devices Co., Ltd.

Both companies, having contributed to expanding the Nisshinbo Group’s microdevices business so far, will further grow as an “Analog Solution Provider” for growing markets by strengthening our structure and achieving synergies through business integration.

Nisshinbo Micro Devices will provide analog solutions through electronic devices and microwave products based on the strength of analog technology in accordance with the Nisshinbo Group’s corporate philosophy of “Change and Challenge!”

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Published November 14, 2022