Driving the next leap in solar innovation

Our solar cell technology is challenging the norms and conventions of how to generate electricity from any form of light. With our innovation, we have made the impossible possible. 

Forget everything you know about traditional solar cell technology. Large solar parks, silver lines and rigid silicon solar panels on roofs are great for large scale power production. However, we have created something totally different. Our solar cells are made for everyday life. It is the first flexible and durable solar cell material that can be customized and seamlessly integrated into every product. We want to break new ground and drive the next leap in technological innovation.

Through co-creation with academic institutions around the world, we turn ideas into science and science into innovations. And in cooperation with leading companies, we turn these innovations into real products for people’s real needs. Powerfoyle, our first innovation, is the result of more than a decade of scientific research, development, and engineering by our talented team. With a mix of expertise and backgrounds all under one roof, we have a creative, dynamic process and culture that nurtures innovation – from ideas, experiments, and testing to industrialization and commercialization.

With our innovation, we have made the impossible possible.