Endless opportunities

With the application of the Powerfoyle material, we liberate products from their cables and cords. In 2021, Powerfoyle will be found on headphones, helmets, and protective gear for workplaces. But this is just the beginning. We are moving toward a future where even things that have not been powered before will be both connected and made smarter.

PORTABLE devices

Explore the opportunities with solar-powered devices that charge from any light. No more cables, no more hassle.

Internet of things

Soon, everything in our homes will be connected and made smarter through sensors and Internet of Things (IoT). Through endless energy, we support the transition to truly smart and connected products for homes around the world.

smart workplaces

A safe workplace is a smart workplace. With Exeger, you can discover a new world of self-powered products and solutions that will simplify both what you do and how you do it.