Thanks to the design flexibility and performance capabilities of the Powerfoyle solar cell, the potential product applications are endless.

grid of Powerforyle solar cells and headphones, sensor and helmet with Powerfoyle integrated

At Exeger, we are redefining the possibilities of solar energy.

Whatever product you have, our design and engineering teams will work with you to ensure optimal performance and seamless integration into your design. You can explore some of our product applications examples below, but this list is just the beginning.

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With Powerfoyle, consumers can experience their favorite consumer electronics in a whole new way – free from cords and battery changes, and empowered by the knowledge that they are making responsible choices when it comes to sustainable energy.

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Internet of things

We are now part of a new era of connectivity, with sensors, trackers and other technologies making life smarter and easier. By providing endless energy to these devices, Exeger is leading the way to this bright new future. A good examples of an Internet of Things (IOT) application are remote controls.

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Worker Safety



Hearing protectors

Companies are constantly finding ways to improve our lives at work by developing products that are more intuitive, more functional, and that keep us safe. Powerfoyle can drive a new world of products and solutions that simplify what you do and how you do it.

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