About us

In 2009, we started our journey to create world-changing solar cells to improve everyday life. And in just one decade, Exeger has started a new era and opened up for a universe with self-powered products.

Exeger is a deep tech company committed to making the impossible possible. Our patented innovation represents significant advances over current technologies, creating new products and solutions for people and the planet. We are addressing the global need for energy and some of the greatest environmental challenges by supporting existing and new products with power from light. And we do all this from our urban factory, located in the center of Stockholm, where we invent, engineer, and provide our patented solar cell material to partners around the world.

Supplier Commitment

Clean energy is Exeger’s core business, and our sourcing partners are vital for our success. We have a rigorous selection process for any partner in our supply chain.

Suppliers must meet our compliance requirements and align with high global standards of environmental, social and corporate responsibility.