Patented Solar Cell Material

Powerfoyle is our patented solar cell material, designed and engineered for humans and our daily needs. It has a unique ability to transform any indoor and outdoor light into clean, endless energy.

We have designed our photovoltaic material to work in your everyday life, in all situations. Creating an endless power budget in your hands, we remove the feeling of battery anxiety and open up a world of new opportunities.

Powerfoyle is made for the techies, the sports geeks, and the music enthusiasts. For those who love to stay indoors, and all the outdoor adventurers. The resilient, flexible, and customizable design of our material, makes it fit onto any product that benefits from being powered. Powerfoyle will power your products, whether you are reading an e-book in your living room or listening to your headphones on your way to work. You do not need direct sunlight to charge your products, the light in your home or a cloudy winter day is just enough.