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Every day, we go to work to achieve things others deemed impossible

We invent, engineer, and provide world-changing technologies to improve everyday life. The vision is to touch the lives of a billion people within the next decade.

In one decade, we have grown into a global leader of clean endless energy – and this is just the beginning. Simply put, we don’t like to just wait for others to forge new paths. Instead, we lead the way. To keep that up, we are always looking for the best talents to join our expedition and help us empower people with everlasting energy. We offer endless opportunities to build and share knowledge, and we appreciate the strengths of a diverse, international team with many unique qualities. Giving people the support and freedom they need to succeed.

A glimpse into some of

our departments


The engineering department is a multidisciplinary team responsible for designing and developing the systems used to manufacture our Powerfoyle solar cell. With Exeger’s disruptive light-charging material and a multitude of customer applications, our manufacturing systems must always push the boundaries of what is possible.


As part of the production team at Exeger, you will always be pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible. We continuously improve all facets of our photovoltaic material with our knowledge and expertise, as well as through collaboration with all departments. Production at Exeger, like all other departments, is driven by commercial viability with the end goal of benefiting customers.

research & development

The research department is continuously improving all facets of our unique photovoltaic material. Always using our knowledge and expertise in collaboration with the other researchers, departments or universities to push the boundaries of what is considered possible. The research department’s motto is “be yourself, express yourself.” We want every researcher to feel inspired and included using their particular skills as a part of the team. We also encourage our researchers to explore their creativity to find solutions in unconventional ways.