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News March 11, 2022

Powerfoyle can power broad range of IoT devices

Exeger announced a new technological platform optimized for indoor light in 2021. Since then, teams across the company have worked intensively to transform this fantastic R&D achievement into products for millions of consumers around the world.

At Exeger, we focus on improving people’s everyday lives. It’s an incredible achievement that we boosted indoor efficiency with a 50% power increase in 2021. But it’s now, when we have started to power products with this technology, that we’ll start to make a real difference. It’s particularly valuable as many consumer electronics and IoT products are primarily used indoors.”

Giovanni Fili, CEO Exeger

The growth of smart and connected items in homes and work environments is staggering. In 2030, the Internet of Things (IoT) market is expected to be worth $1 trillion and the number of connected devices is forecasted to triple. The opportunity for companies to get their offering right is massive. Exeger is determined to accelerate this growth by removing one of the industry’s biggest hurdles and co-creating self-powered products with partners around the world. Powerfoyle harvests energy from all available light and can therefore speed up the transition to truly smart and connected products in a user- and environmentally friendly way.

Exeger’s technological leap unlocked multiple IoT product categories. Over the last months, the prototyping and product development teams have developed new Powerfoyle design integration concepts for products such as trackers, sensors, remote controls, electronic shelf labels, keyboards, mouses and more.

Ultimately, it’s Exeger’s partners that develop and sell the products we power. We are investing heavily in concept development and prototyping to help expand what is believed possible.

Nicklas Jonsson, Chief Product Officer.

The Powerfoyle light cell is unique as it combines effective power generation, offers unmatched design options and is environmentally friendly.

With its resilient, flexible and seamless design, the Powerfoyle solar cell material can be integrated into all products that benefit from being self-powered.

At Exeger we’re experts at what Powerfoyle can do. Our partners know everything about their consumers and product portfolios. When we combine this knowledge, we can shift industries with ‘world firsts’. We did this for example with Urbanista and the Los Angeles wireless headphones and it resulted in epic product reviews. An IoT ‘world first’ is the self-powered dog tracker by Spåra that will be found on shelves later this year. We’re now working intensively with several new partners to get more products to market

Dr. Georgios Foufas, Chief Commercial Officer

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Published March 11, 2022