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News November 24, 2020

Powerfoyle wins grand award of design

The Grand Award of Design is awarded by the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries in collaboration with the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID) and Swedish Form, with the aim of highlighting innovative design as a significant factor behind competitiveness and profitability.

The jury’s motivation reads: “Powerfoyle revolutionises consumer electronics with its solar cell solution based on artificial photosynthesis, and charges both indoor and outdoor light to create endless energy. With its flexible design, it can be adapted to the product it is integrated with, paving the way for huge commercial success.”

Powerfoyle is a unique, environmentally friendly material that converts light into energy and enables the charging of electronic products through daylight and indoor lighting. Exeger has taken inspiration from nature’s photosynthesis and Powerfoyle is the result of 12 years of research. The secret behind Powerfoyle lies in the invention of a completely new type of patented nanomaterial, and the production is entirely carried out in the company’s factory in Stockholm.

Powerfoyle can be applied to an endless range of areas due to its pliable and flexible nature, and Exeger is now paving the way for a whole new category of sustainable products with minimal impact on the environment.

“Winning the 2020 Grand Award of Design is fantastic. Powerfoyle is the first material of its kind in the world and we are very proud of this, of course. But perhaps we are even more proud of the fact that we have created something that could have an enormous impact on people’s lives and the environment. We have gone from lab to full-scale production in twelve years, which suggests that our strategy of gathering all competencies under one roof here in Stockholm actually works.

This award is proof that our brilliant team of communicators and designers has succeeded in explaining a revolutionary nanotechnological  invention, so that everyone can understand its endless technological potential. We are forever grateful to our team of incredibly competent employees, who constantly take Exeger to new levels, and the support we’ve received from our shareholders and investors” says Giovanni Fili, CEO and founder of Exeger and Dr Henrik Lindström, CTO at Exeger.

“We are extremely pleased that our innovation is getting recognised with the Grand Award of Design, which is, without question, Sweden’s most prestigious award when it comes to design. It is also rather nice, of course, that we can contribute to a future recharged by light. A future without wires that does not compromise on aesthetics is revolutionary, and helping companies at the same time to begin restoring our planet’s carbon dioxide balance is incredible. We are thrilled about the recognition our innovation and design receives through the Grand Award of Design,” says Marcus von Euler, Chief Design Officer at Exeger.

Samsung-owned JBL is going to launch a pair of headphones that use Powerfoyle, and this is just one of many commercial collaborations underway. At the time of writing, Exeger and Swedish POC are developing a smart helmet that will be the next Powerfoyle product to reach the market. However, possible uses of the material extend from tablets and speakers to handbags and laptop cases.

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Published November 24, 2020