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Press release August 14, 2023

Exeger and Nordic Semiconductor launch Powerfoyle Solar Shield

Adding Powerfoyle solar cell to the Nordic Thingy:91 will enable developers to produce ultra-low power solutions by accessing solar in a fast and easy way. 

AUGUST 14, 2023 – STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN –Exeger, the Swedish deep tech company behind the revolutionary solar cell technology Powerfoyle™, today announces it will deliver low-power solutions with Norwegian-based Nordic Semiconductor via its Powerfoyle Solar Shield add-on.

Powerfoyle Solar Shield is a powerful out of the box add-on for Nordic Semiconductor’s Thingy:91 cellular IoT platform and associated development boards. It provides developers with plug and play light harvesting capabilities, to quickly start exploring the endless possibilities with solar powered IoT applications. Seamlessly integrated, the Powerfoyle solar cell is mounted conveniently onto Nordic’s Thingy:91, enabling developers to discover its capabilities and to start their product development projects swiftly and effortlessly.

The add-on incorporates Exeger’s resilient and flexible photovoltaic cell material, Powerfoyle, which converts indoor or outdoor light into clean, endless energy to give devices prolonged or even eternal battery life without compromising on the design. Powerfoyle solar cell harvests light throughout the day and employs a current sensor to measure the current going into the battery.  

Delivering further value, nRF Cloud supports data capture from the Powerfoyle Solar Shield, allowing charge data to be readily available from a dashboard during prototyping. Once collected, this data can be used to determine the power management profile of the device. Leveraging data means that power management performance can be optimized, based on constantly changing light conditions and battery power.

Nordic’s commitment to low power consumption design and Exeger’s sustainable Powerfoyle solar cell makes this the prototyping platform of choice for self-charging IoT electronics design. The partnership has immense potential to accelerate the adoption of light-harvesting technology and, as a result, eliminate the need for disposable batteries and the associated high costs of battery replacement. Putting the coupled technologies directly into the hands of developers creates an unparalleled opportunity to revolutionize the way future devices are powered worldwide.

“The Powerfoyle add-on is the result of a long-term strategic partnership between Nordic and Exeger to bring sustainable thinking into product design, and ultimately replacing the costly and wasteful need of replacing batteries and battery anxiety,” says Thomas Holmberg, Regional Sales Director – EMEA, Nordic Semiconductor.

“This is a partnership about a greener and smarter future, and both our companies share a similar vision when it comes to sustainability, power efficiency and a connected world.”

Oscar Hemberg, Chief Product Integration Officer, Exeger

“This is a partnership about a greener and smarter future, and both our companies share a similar vision when it comes to sustainability, power efficiency and a connected world.” says Oscar Hemberg, Chief Product Integration Officer, Exeger. “Nordic was an ideal partner for this initiative combining low power connectivity with our unique Powerfoyle solar cell technology and getting into the hands of developers building on the successful Thingy platform. Together we show what is possible and that you can develop products with eternal life or even battery-free products.”

This limited-edition bundle is manufactured by Exeger and dispatched by Avnet Silica. It’s intended for a selection of partner recipients, with the potential for broader commercial distribution as part of Nordic’s offering.

For product inquiries, contact Lars Lindström, Avnet Silica: or +46 708746025. 

About Exeger

Exeger is a Swedish company with a unique solar cell technology that converts all forms of light into electrical energy. This material, Powerfoyle, is the world’s only fully customizable solar cell. With its superior design properties, it can be integrated seamlessly into any electronic device.

Powerfoyle enhances every product it is integrated into with extended or even unlimited battery life, putting the power of cutting-edge solar cell technology directly in the hands of people. Exeger is leading the way to energy independence through more sustainable and user-friendly products – with the vision to touch the lives of a billion people by 2030.

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About Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic Semiconductor is a Norwegian fabless semiconductor company specializing in wireless communication technology that powers the IoT. Nordic was established in 1983 and has more than 1300 employees across the globe. The company’s award-winning Bluetooth Low Energy solutions pioneered ultra-low power wireless, making Nordic the global market leader. Its technology range was later supplemented by ANT+, Thread, Zigbee, and Matter, and in 2018 Nordic launched its low power, compact LTE-M/NB-IoT cellular IoT solutions to extend the penetration of the IoT. The Nordic portfolio was further complemented by Wi-Fi technology in 2021.

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Published August 14, 2023