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Press release January 03, 2023

Exeger’s Powerfoyle™ Wins Two CES Innovation Honoree Awards


Exeger (, the Swedish deep tech company, announces its revolutionary solar cell Powerfoyle™ Indoor, is awarded honoree status in two categories: Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy, and Embedded Technologies by the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 Innovation Awards.

Powerfoyle Indoor launched in September 2022 and is a technological leap, building on Exeger’s existing “Hybrid” platform awarded “CES Honoree” in 2021. The new solar cell has been optimized to low-light levels to cater to the growing IoT and smart home markets, which typically have products that are placed indoors and are primarily exposed to artificial light. Powerfoyle Indoor boasts world-leading efficiency in artificial light, and opens up for sustainable options for a variety of mass-market product segments.

Exeger’s patented solar cell, Powerfoyle, is the world’s only fully customizable solar cell, both in terms of design and optimization. Powerfoyle harvest all forms of light, both artificial and natural light, to charge and power devices with clean, endless energy. It is uniquely flexible and durable, and has undergone extensive testing to ensure longevity and resistance to wear and tear. The solar cell can be produced in any shape, size, and form factor for seamless integration into new or existing products that require power. This allows electronics devices to self-charge without compromising on design or aesthetics.

The Powerfoyle cell can be produced in wide variety sizes to fit the product it will be integrated into. This means the material can power anything from small IoT sensors to speakers and large accessories.

When it comes to Powerfoyle’s different texture options, anything is possible. Powerfoyle can look like leather, brushed steel, carbon fiber, fabric, and wood, just to name a few. Logos can be printed directly onto the solar cell.

Exeger is ISO 9001 certified since 2018 and produces Powerfoyle at its factory, Stockholm I in the capital of Sweden using abundantly available, non-toxic materials. A second factory, Stockholm II, is being finalized to become one of Europe’s largest solar cell factories with a total combined annual capacity of 2,5 million square meters when fully scaled. Exeger generates no toxic emissions with both production plants running on 100% renewable energy. Stockholm I is adjacent to a natural reserve while Stockholm II is close to residential buildings, with fully approved environmental permits.

““Winning two honoree awards is a true testament to how revolutionary Powerfoyle is and the potential that the industry sees in our unique technology. There has been tremendous interest in Powerfoyle since the launch of the first self-powered product, and we have launched six additional products since last year’s CES. Looking into 2023, I expect our indoor-optimized Powerfoyle to really take off and foresee us setting a new standard of sustainability with self-powered products in the IoT and the smart home sectors.””

Giovanni Fili, Founder and CEO of Exeger

This year’s CES Innovation Awards program received a record-high number of more than 2,100 submissions. The announcement was made ahead of CES 2023, the world’s most influential technology event, taking place in Las Vegas on January 5th-8th.

The CES 2023 Innovation Awards honorees, including product descriptions and photos, can be found at Exeger’s winning product will also be included in the Innovation Awards Showcase at CES 2023.

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Published January 03, 2023