the holy promise

A future untethered by cables and adaptors ushered in a world of clean endless energy

A decade ago, on a plane leaving Dubai, Exeger’s founders Giovani and Henrik made a promise that would lead Exerger to this very moment. Giovanni promised to only sell inventions that Hen- rik could support through proven scientific theory, and Henrik agreed to only research scientific premises that Giovanni believed he could commercialize. From this simple promise, their col- laboration was born: a collaboration that would prove to be powerful for Exeger and require a culture of complete trust and mutual responsibility. A collaboration that would lay the foundation for the Exeger DSC monolith solar cell technology, Powerfoyle, and so much more.

Giovanni Fili / Founder, CEO & Board Member

Dr. Henrik Lindström / CTO

The unique combining a user centric approach with fundamental science with a fixed vision and mission to improv the lives of billions is proven in our first product, Powerfoyle. Powerfoyle will open up a future untethered by cables and adaptors, and ushered in a world of clean, endless energy. Changing the perception of energy as light is all around you.
Now this 3d generation solar cell technology will be available to everyone integrated in products we all need and rely on. Empowering mankind with the means to reduce the carbon footprint of the planet is now closer, and when Powerfoyle is commercialized on a global scale, Exeger is making an important contri- bution to a brighter future.
As we enter the market with international partners and investors such as Softbank, Harman Kardon and Samsung, we look boldly to the future once again. What do we want to achieve next? What will Exeger’s holy promise between science and business bring us as we continue to evolve? What seems impossible, but in fact isn’t?