The Urban Factory


How do you fit an entire universe into one building? With a little magic, of course. The Exeger universe is an extraordinary environment, full of everything needed to make the next generation of sustainable light harvesting technology possible. And it’s all located under one roof. 

Inside this urban factory, over 25 nations are represented by our team of agile champions and explorers. They’re the very best at what they do, and they’ve come from all over the world to break new ground and contribute to a sustainable world.


Inside our urban factory, clean local production and intellectual resources come together on the campus of Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology. We’re a short walk from some of the world’s most reknown design hubs and surrounded by the stunning Royal Djurgården City Park. Here, in the heart of Stockholm, nature guides us, responsible urban living supports us, and world class innovation fills the air we breath.

contribute to a sustainable world

Here, dashing up and down four flights of stairs, our team exchanges ideas, embarks on new research, experiments, innovates, develops and produces. Mutual trust and the highest level of indidual responsibility enables each one of us to excel, ensuring that our collective expertise thrives.

Within these walls, we’ve created a singular green, self-powering universe, uniquely equipped to invent ground breaking technologies such as Powerfoyle. And within these walls, we will continue to challenge the impossible

In our laboratories scientist and material experts are constantly exploring new innovations and are already finalizing the template for the next improved generation of Exeger technology for harvesting light, more efficient with even lower carbon footprint.

In our machine workshop engineers are innovating, building and testing new robots and machines to industrialize new innovations, nano materials and processes.

In our factory the engineers and scientists combine their creativity and results for the mass production of Powerfoyle our unique flexible and resilient light harvesting material.

In the electronics lab and design studio the product and design team build prototypes and invent new ways to integrate Powerfoyle for field testing and co-creation with our partners for a seamless integration and maximum user satisfaction. supporting our partner centric business development team to bring out Exegers groundbreaking technology into products you need in your everyday life.