Industrial-scale factory production

The Next Chapter of Swedish Industry

Exeger is a place where science, production and environmental responsibility merge to set the standard for the new modern factory. Here, we produce our solar cells on an industrial scale.

In addition to our world-changing technology, we have made a space where diverse talents come together to drive the next generation of smart and sustainable industry.

Exeger has two production sites in Stockholm, Sweden, where we work tirelessly to achieve the highest quality in our products and processes. Exeger is aware that quality comes from within an organization. Our ISO9001 certification confirms that Exeger’s Quality Management System is built up of consistent processes, continuous improvements and communication, guaranteeing a high level of service ensuring customer satisfaction.

In our factories, people from all over the world work together with robots and advanced machinery. With our complete ecosystem of knowledge, competences and equipment, we have created an irreversible technology that will transform the perception of available energy.

“We are aspiring to build the next generation of clean, green industry that powers devices billions of people use everyday with the light that already surrounds us.”

Nicklas Jonsson, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer

An Ecosystem of Expertise

The Factories

In our factories, scientists and engineers combine their creativity and knowledge to mass produce Powerfoyle – our light harvesting solar cells. Once fully ramped up, we will be able to produce 2.5 million square meters of solar cells per year.

Machine Workshop

In our machine workshop, engineers innovate, build, and calibrate robots and machines to automate and industrialize the production of solar cells. The speed of innovation is greatly enhanced by our collaboration with our strategic partners ABB and SoftBank.

The Lab

In the lab, scientists and material experts continuously improve our technologies and research new innovations. Exeger has the world’s largest DSC lab with state-of-the-art equipment and more than 40 researchers working relentlessly to push the boundaries of what a solar cell can do.


In the electronics lab and design studio, our team integrates product development with design aesthetics to create product prototypes using our solar cells. The team is constantly field testing and collaborating with our partners to develop integration solutions that contribute to premium design and a great product experience.