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Here, there, everywhere

Talent is global, so are we. Wherever in the world you are, chances are, we’re looking there.

“The opportunity to work hands-on with technology that enables distributed and democratized power generation – is one of many reasons I work at Exeger.”

Blake – Researcher

“After some time at a large corporation I wanted to try working in a startup that develops a high-tech product and experience the famous Swedish innovative spirit.”

Bruno – Engineer

Apply today!

Tell us about yourself – apply with your LinkedIn profile or attach your resume. We really appreciate candidates who tell us why they have applied and especially why Exeger interests them.

The Hiring Process

When you apply, you will recieve an automated confirmation email. If you are selected to proceed, you will be asked to complete an analytical and personality test from Alva Labs. While you are waiting, connect with us on LinkedIn for news about our business as well as other job openings!

meet exeger

Finally, we meet! Let’s try to get a deeper understanding of each other, our interests, drives and how well we fit together. We hope you take this opportunity to find out as much as you can about us because in the end we both need to choose to journey forward together. This new step in both our journeys can be a big one, which is why it sometimes takes more than one meeting before we can take the leap.


If you and Exeger are a perfect match and our expectations are mutual – we’ll call your references and carry out a background check. With your approval, of course!


There are endless benefits to breaking new ground, and we’re not just talking about opportunities. Our advantages reflect our DNA and are extended to all Exegerians, regardless location and seniority. Here are just some of the perks we enjoy.

1. We secure our employees 

We have an extremely beneficial insurance package with private health care, SEB coverage, Premium waiver, 24/7 accident insurance and a progressive pension plan.

2. Your Health is Our Investment

We are an avid promoter of health and wellbeing. In addition to offering a generous wellness grant, Exeger has its own in-house social clubs for e.g. running club, skiing club, hiking club and film club. We enjoy spending time together. We enthusiastically participate in several sports events each year, including Sweden’s famous Vasaloppet!

3. Family first

We know the importance of work life balance, therefore we have flexible work hours and a generous parental leave policy. Our health and accident insurance also allow you to co-insure your family to make sure that they are taken care of.

4. Personal Development

You will be part of a company where we have a strong culture of learning and development. We encourage curiosity and knowledge sharing and always support our employees to explore, enhance and evolve in their roles.

5. Because we are Exegerians

We invent, engineer and provide world-changing technology that improve everyday life for people all around the world. To work for a higher purpose and actually see how your role is affecting the world is a perk that goes beyond everything. In addition, we are an international company with a strong believe that diversity is one of the most crucial bricks to build an empire.

6. Fun is important!

When it comes to having fun, we try to make it a part of everyday life. Whether we’re celebrating a breakthrough in research, or closing a business deal, our focus is on enjoying ourselves. If there’s one thing we do well, it’s celebrating our success. We hold several parties each year, to which employees’ immediate family members are often invited. In recent years, we have arranged Halloween parties, night clubs, and garden parties with the same intention – to have a good time with great people!