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Exeger partners with t4h. (Tech4home), winner of Red Dot Design Award
Exeger and SMK Corporation in partnership
Exeger and E Ink partner to develop self-charging ePaper devices
Exeger and SES-imagotag to pioneer a sustainable approach to commerce
Exeger and Ohsung Electronics unveil a battery free, light-powered remote at CES 2023
Exeger’s Powerfoyle™ Wins Two CES Innovation Honoree Awards
Exeger secures a further SEK 400 million through directed share issues
Exeger and e-peas partner to create energy harvesting solutions for the IoT sector
Urbanista Phoenix now available
Semtech and Exeger Demonstrate Solar Harvesting Technology for Internet of things (IOT) sensors
Exeger and Atmosic Technologies partner to create energy harvesting solutions 
Omni Remotes and Exeger unveils perpetual remote
Exeger partners with EM Microelectronic to bring ultra-low power devices to the masses
Exeger and adidas Headphones launch self-charging headphones powered by light
Exeger partners with Urbanista to launch true wireless earphones with endless playtime 
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