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News June 07, 2024

WHITEPAPER: Taking Retail Digitalization Further with Light Harvesting Technologies

electronic shelf label with powerfoyle solar cells with call to action to download the whitepaper

Exeger has joined forces with VusionGroup to create light-powered digital shelf technologies. EdgeSense™ with Powerfoyle™ is a solar-powered electronic shelf label (ESL) solution that sets a new standard for retail digitalization, ensuring that stores are smart and sustainably powered for today’s demands and the innovations of the future.

evolving Retail: From Digital Beginnings to Connected Stores

Over the past decades, retail digitalization has accelerated, transforming store operations with smart technologies that enhance the shopper experience and enable associates to use their time more effectively. However, powering these intelligent systems presents a dilemma for retailers.

The former trade-off between the demand for advanced store functionalities and the need for environmental sustainability can now be addressed with new alternatives.

EdgeSense with Powerfoyle benefits:

  • Battery-less displays powered by single battery rails
  • Regenerative energy with Powerfoyle light harvesting technology
  • Low- to no-maintenance with rechargeable batteries
  • Reduced rail battery size and footprint
  • More functionalities with an increased power budget per shelf

EdgeSense with Powerfoyle: Empowering Retail Innovation and Sustainability

VusionGroup’s latest innovation, EdgeSense, offers more than just the next generation of Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs). It introduces the Digital Shelf System, a significant advancement for in-store IoT. At the shelf edge, EdgeSense transforms physical stores by leveraging VusionOX—a Bluetooth-LE protocol—and proximity sensing to enhance automation and operational efficiency.

Integrating Powerfoyle Unlocks Virtually UNlimited Power

By integrating Powerfoyle technology, EdgeSense combines the latest breakthrough for in-store IoT with a virtually endless source of energy. This joint solution embeds the Powerfoyle light harvesting technology, enabling retailers to envision more use cases for their Digital Shelf System investment, helping reduce the total cost of ownership while allowing them to pursue their sustainability targets.

Want to know more? Download our whitepaper now!

Webinar and Podcast

Rethink Retail: How Recycling Indoor Light will Further the Digitalization of Retail

Discover the game-changing innovations from VusionGroup’s EdgeSense™ and Exeger’s Powerfoyle™ that promise to transform your operations with unparalleled sustainability and efficiency. Gain exclusive insights from industry pioneers and arm yourself with the knowledge to drive your retail business towards a greener and more digital future.

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Published June 07, 2024