ABB and Exeger joined forces in 2019 to enhance the production quality of our solar cell material and develop automation solutions for our factory. The partnership consists of three key projects. First, ABB is supplying its robotics and automation technology to increase the level of automation in Exeger’s existing factory in Stockholm. Robots are designed with best-in-class motion even at high speeds, to meet Exeger’s need for fast and repeatable point-to-point accuracy in manufacturing. 

Second, ABB supports Exeger with a dedicated engineering team that will develop specialized solutions to our second automated factory. And last, ABB will evaluate the potential for Exeger’s solar cells to be incorporated into future ABB products, to reduce the environmental impact of ABB and its customers worldwide.

“ABB’s unparalleled knowledge in automating factories and their portfolio of smart robotics solutions is a perfect fit for our ambitions to quickly scale up our solar cell manufacturing process. By fully automating production with ABB’s high-efficiency robots, we can lower the energy payback time of every solar cell produced, thereby helping to reduce the overall carbon footprint,” said Exeger’s CEO Giovanni Fili.

“We are excited to be at the beginning of our journey with Exeger and look forward to the mutual benefits that our shared technologies and innovation will bring”

Dennis Helfridsson, Head of ABB’s Robotics and Discrete Automation Business and Country Manager for ABB in Sweden