The Exeger DSC Monolith

Exeger is paving the way for a sustainable future. From the heart of its zero emission urban factory, new ideas inspired by nature are continuously tested and challenged. In 2010, emboldened by photosenthesis, Exeger invented The Exeger DSC Monolith – a new solar cell technology with fewer components than the latest DSC cell invented by Brian O’Regan and Michael Grätzel at UC Berkley in 1988.


It’s time to move towards the light.

Exeger’s DSC Monolith could be printed as homogenous cells without current collectors, allowing nearly 100% active power from the conversion area – a groundbreaking and resilient development for the solar cell industry.

This led Exeger to Powerfoyle, a durable light harvesting material with 1,000 times better conductivity and far superior design possibilities that would ultimately provide a sustainable revolution for personal electronics. A revolution that would put the magic of cutting edge solar technology into the hands of consumers.

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Now you can pave the way, and the beauty of Powerfoyle is that it makes light consciousness easy. The more you recharge your device, the more you contribute to the carbon balance of our planet. Simply keep your device facing light.

Join us for the next generation of light harvesting and become a part of a natural and sustainable energy cycle. Compromise on nothing and feel the freedom of sustainability. No cables, no charging, no waste.

“A transformation awaits us.
It’s time to move towards the light.”

Giovanni Fili
Exeger Founder, CEO & Board Member