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Designing products that use sustainable energy sources shouldn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your brand’s unique style and aesthetics. With Powerfoyle, you can have it all.

At Exeger, we have invented solar cell that enhances products without detracting from their design and aesthetics. Our solar cell, Powerfoyle, is fully customizable and integrates seamlessly into products and consumer lifestyles.

Traditional solar panels

A New Generation of Solar Cell Technology

Imagine a solar cell. What do you see? Your mental image is likely one of two options: a series of small silicon-based glass squares covered in silver lines, as on a pocket calculator; or large, rigid flat glass solar panels on roofs or in a field. What we have created is something totally different.

When reinventing the dye-sensitized cell (DSC), we took the best of existing solar cell technology and enhanced it with improved indoor and outdoor efficiency, greater flexibility, and superior design capability. With our innovation, we have eliminated the need for silver conductors and increased the functional surface area, even in partial shading.

Additionally, our Powerfoyle solar cell is thin – as little as 1,3 mm, depending on the structure – while remaining durable and flexible, unlike other solar cells. With this improved technology, we can bring solar power to a wide range of consumer electronics and IoT devices to make products that are more sustainable and convenient, and just as attractive as their traditionally-powered counterparts.

High performance in indoor or outdoor light

Unaffected by partial shading


Surface textures



the Only Fully Customizable Solar Cell

Powerfoyle is the world’s most adaptable solar cell. Thanks to our unique screen printing technique, our solar cell can be customized to match each product and the brand design. We improve products without compromising on design.


When it comes to Powerfoyle’s different texture options, anything is possible. Powerfoyle can look like leather, brushed steel, carbon fiber, fabric, and wood, just to name a few. The look of the solar cell is custom made for each product.

Texture: Acrylic top surface

Texture: Dots

Texture: Leather

Texture: Carbon

Texture: Future matte

Texture: Aluminium


Logos and designs can be printed directly onto the top layer of the cell with almost no effect on performance. Screen printing, tampo printing, and UV spot printing are all possible, with more methods under development.



Powerfoyle is uniquely flexible and durable. This flexibility allows the solar cell to be integrated on curved surfaces, such as headbands. Additionally, Powerfoyle has undergone extensive testing to ensure longevity and resistance to wear and tear.


Powerfoyle can be manufactured in any size and shape. The cells can be produced in sizes from 15cm² to 500cm², to fit product requirements. This means cells can be integrated into anything from small IoT sensors to speakers and large accessories


At Exeger, we believe that environmentally-friendly products can and should look beautiful. We also understand that our commercial partners have worked for years or decades to craft product designs that reflect the unique style and aesthetics of their brand and their consumers. That’s why we collaborate closely with our customers to customize Powerfoyle’s design and develop integration solutions that are as good or better than traditionally-powered counterparts. We are creating a new era of smart and sustainable self-powered products. Our team of expert engineers and designers are continuously innovating to offer a wide variety of product applications and integration methods. We work with customers to ensure high performance and seamless integration of Powerfoyle into products.

“We are creating a future powered by light. A future with sustainably-powered products that never compromise on design.”

Giovanni Fili, Exeger CEO and Founder

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