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Computer Accessories

It’s time to give computer accessories a sustainability upgrade. Powerfoyle solar cells can enable a sustainable, hassle-free experience in solar-powered computer accessories.

Powerfoyle solar cells in different sizes and a desk and computer with warm light from a window

At Exeger, we have invented a solar cell that converts all forms of light into electrical energy, enabling potentially endless battery life for computer accessories such as keyboards, mice, headsets and more. Our solar cell, called Powerfoyle, is environmentally friendly, offers unmatched design options, and is durable for a long product life.

High power efficiency in indoor light

Use renewable energy for more sustainable products

Customizable design to match your product look and feel

High performance in indoor light

Unaffected by partial shading


Surface textures


Environmentally conscious

Performance optimized for Indoor Light Conditions

Powerfoyle solar cells pack powerful performance into a minimal surface area. We offer two versions of our solar cell: Powerfoyle Indoor and Powerfoyle Hybrid. Each version is optimized to ensure maximum power output based on the light conditions. So even in low, indoor light, the solar cell generates as much power with high efficiency, as it is designed especially for that environment.

By converting indoor light into power, Powerfoyle eliminates or reduces the need for battery replacement or charging. With the benefit of endless clean energy, Powerfoyle paves the way for smarter, more convenient computer accessories.

A Sustainability Upgrade for Computer Accessories

With solar-powered computer accessories powered by Powerfoyle, renewable energy replaces the high environmental cost of batteries and chargers. Unlike most solar cells, Powerfoyle is a non-toxic solar cell, made with abundantly available and responsibly sourced raw materials. Our production sites in Stockholm, Sweden, use 100% renewable energy and generate no toxic emissions.

By eliminating the need for charging cables, you can reduce plastic waste: maximizing cost efficiency in production and shipping and minimizing environmental impact. Since our cell is durable, your products last longer, reducing carbon footprints and contributing to a sustainable approach for the electronics life cycle.

By offering sustainable products that work over a long product lifetime, your company demonstrates their contribution to a sustainable future so that your consumers can feel confident that they are taking greater responsibility for the climate.

In the NEws: Exeger Announces Exclusive Strategic Partnership with One of the World’s Largest Computer Peripherals Companies

Announced in September 2023, one of the world’s largest computer peripherals companies has selected Exeger as its exclusive solar cell supplier. Product development is underway.

“We are thrilled to join forces with a renowned high-quality consumer electronics brand and a leading player in sustainability. Together, we aim to bring state-of-the-art products to market and set a new benchmark for efficiency, reliability, and environmental friendliness.”

Giovanni Fili, Founder and CEO of Exeger

Click here to read the full press release.

No Compromise on Design

Solar-powered computer accessories don’t have to compromise on design, thanks to Powerfoyle’s customization options. Our thin and flexible solar cells can be produced in any size, shape or texture, allowing Powerfoyle to be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of products.

No Silver Lines

By building on the dye-sensitized solar cell type, we have removed the need for silver lines and made nearly 100% of our cell area active, so that it is more efficient and attractive.

Textures and Graphics Printing

Powerfoyle’s customization options mean that when it comes to design, anything is possible. For example, it can look like leather, brushed steel or fabric. Additionally, logos and other graphics can be printed directly onto the top cell layer with minimal effect on the performance.

Flexible and durable

Unlike many other solar cells, Powerfoyle is flexible, and we perform extensive testing to ensure that it can stand up to wear and tear for long-lasting, sustainable products.

Exeger solar cell factory in stockholm sweden

Industrial-Scale Production in Sweden

Exeger has two industrial-scale production sites in Stockholm, Sweden. These factories house our ecosystem of knowledge, competences and equipment and can produce up to 2.5 million square meters of solar cells per year. The solar cell manufacturing uses 100% renewable energy and generates no toxic emissions via air or water.

Here we create our contribution toward a sustainable future – non-toxic solar cells that are durable for long-time use.

Powerfoyle provides the ultimate user experience by using indoor light to power computer accessories. With our solar cell technology, there’s no need for cables or charging, and our customizable solar cell offers sleek and attractive design solutions that are made to last. Solar-powered computer accessories can transform any desk into an environmentally friendly space that is also free from the hassle and clutter of charging.

Contact us today to find out how you can integrate Powerfoyle into computer accessories.

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