Exeger is teaming up with tech partners to make it easier for manufacturers to integrate Powerfoyle into existing and future products.

Atmosic Technologies

Exeger and Atmosic Technologies work together to offer optimized energy harvesting solutions for the IoT sector. Atmosic’s low-power chipsets work especially well with our solar cells to create attractive solutions for low-power indoor IoT devices such as Bluetooth® remote controls, sensors, beacons, and keyboards.

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Omni Remotes

Exeger and Omni Remotes have collaborated to launch the Model P+, a perpetual remote control that combines premium aesthetics with state-of-the-art solar technology. The Model P+ uses Powerfoyle’s superior indoor light harvesting capabilities while harnessing Omni’s ultra-low power platform. This can mean never replacing or recharging the batteries in these remotes. For the pay TV and consumer electronics industries, this would be a vital step towards meeting environmental net-zero targets.

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EM Microelectronic

In August 2022, Exeger entered a formal partnership with semiconductor manufacturer EM Microelectronic. With our solar cells and EM Microelectronic boost converters, we offer custom-built energy harvesting solutions, paving the way for the next generation of consumer electronics and Internet of Things devices. 

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In 2022 Exeger entered a partnership with the Japanese ceramic technology company NGK Insulators, LTD. (NGK). Exeger and NGK offer companies offer manufacturers maintenance-free IoT devices by providing low-power solutions and devices with prolonged or infinite battery life.

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Intivation BV

In December 2021, Exeger acquired key component developer Intivation BV, a boost converter designer specialized in low power applications, to strengthen the ecosystem around patented solar cell technology Powerfoyle®. This acquisition secures a key component that ensures optimal system output and strengthens the ecosystem around Powerfoyle, allowing it to provide more power to devices.

With this acquisition, Intivation BV becomes a fully owned subsidiary of Exeger Operations AB and ensures that one of the key electronic components in the solar cell charging system is of high quality and fully optimized for Powerfoyle. As a result, customers are now provided with the highest standard electronics package and the most efficient output of the battery from Powerfoyle.

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The Qualcomm Extension program is designed to offer a cost-effective path to differentiated products. In joining the program, Exeger aims to accelerate the integration of its ultra-low-power audio reference designs into consumer electronics.

The SoC Series, from the QCC302x to the QCC305x, is a family of entry-to-mid tier flash programmable Bluetooth audio SoCs providing extremely low-power architecture and designed for use in compact, feature-optimized, affordable and wireless earbuds, hearables, headsets, and speakers.

The QCC5100 Series is designed to help manufacturers develop a new generation of compact, feature-rich, wireless earbuds, headsets, and speakers. This breakthrough series is engineered to reduce power consumption by up to 65 percent for both voice calls and music streaming.

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OSM Group

OSM Group is a full-service original design manufacturer (ODM). Exeger partnered with OSM Group in 2021 to assist customers with consumer-driven design, product development, scalable mass production, and supply chain management solutions.

This partnership means that OSM Group will support Exeger, and its future customers, with the design, development production, and integration of the solar cell material into consumer electronics, IoT, and smart workplace spaces.

Through this partnership, Exeger will reach and serve a broader array of markets and customers sooner– and accelerate the mass adoption of Powerfoyle.

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