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E-Readers and E-notes

Powerfoyle solar cells can make e-readers and e-notes into the ultimate choice for convenient, sustainable reading and note-taking.

These portable, lightweight devices put an entire library in your hands at a moment’s notice and keep all your notes organized and streamlined. Download all your favorite books and read them on the go. Take notes whenever you want, without the hassle of carrying pens, paper and notepads.

With solar power, e-readers and e-notes can offer a better experience than ever before. Put away cords, forget about chargers, and head out anytime with easily packed, durable devices that are always charged and ready.

Partnership with E Ink

Announced in April 2023, Exeger and E Ink are creating reference designs for eNotes and other electronic ink products to extend their battery life and help reduce their overall carbon footprint.

“Introducing clean, endless energy directly integrated into products has the potential to completely revolutionize the market and open up opportunities for new applications, expanding the reach of ePaper products.”

Dr. Georgios Foufas, Chief Commercial Officer at Exeger

Click here to read the full press release.

ENDLESS energy, Endless Convenience

Exeger creates and produces Powerfoyle, a customizable solar cell that can be integrated into electronics to provide a sustainable alternative to traditionally charged devices. Using any available light – from natural outdoor light to ambient indoor light – it continuously powers devices to offer endless, sustainable energy.

Studies show that sustainability is an increasingly important factor for both young and old consumers as they consider electronic device purchases, and ease of use is the second most important decision-making factor globally. (Source: YouGov Consumer Electronics: Safety and Sustainability in 2023 report). With Powerfoyle-powered e-readers and e-notes, charging takes place naturally and continuously, so consumers’ devices are always ready to go.

So why not read one more chapter, start the next book or take one more note? When your device is always charged, there’s nothing to stop you. The story can continue.

High performance in indoor or outdoor light

Unaffected by partial shading


Surface textures



Durable and Customizable design

Quality Assured

Powerfoyle is durable and has undergone extensive testing to ensure it can hold up to the wear and tear that comes with frequent use over time.

Custom Texture and graphics

Powerfoyle’s customization options mean that when it comes to design, anything is possible. We offer a wide variety of texture options, and our material is ideal for graphics printing.


Transitioning to a sustainable world takes place with each sustainable lifestyle choice we make, one step at a time. Exeger contributes to a sustainable future by making these steps easier. With Powerfoyle-powered devices, brands can offer even more reading and note-taking in an attractive, long-lasting solution that uses renewable energy. Our industrial-scale production sites in Stockholm, Sweden prioritize quality and sustainable practices, and our solar cell manufacturing uses 100% renewable energy that generates no toxic emissions via air or water.

Solar-powered e-readers and e-notes add convenience to any consumer experience, provide peace of mind, and make it easy to take steps toward an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Brands can offer a next-level experience, and your consumers can have it all.  

Contact us today to discuss how you can integrate Powerfoyle to offer the ultimate choice for convenient, sustainable reading and note-taking.

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