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Portable Speakers

With Powerfoyle solar cells, portable speakers can use light to power uninterrupted listening experiences, free from charging cords and cables.

Portable Speakers Can Have it All

When it comes to portable speakers, a dead battery is the ultimate frustration. Searching for a charging cable and power outlet? No one wants to do that. People want their speaker ready to power up at a moment’s notice – anytime, anywhere. Because when the music stops, the party stops.

The most important features of portable speakers – sound quality, portability and battery life – have always had limitations and trade-offs. Some speakers choose to prioritize high-quality audio performance, but end up bulky and heavy with a large integrated battery. Others lean into portability, but can’t offer a long-lasting charge or great sound. But with Powerfoyle solar cells, your speakers can have it all, offering the convenient, high-quality, endless listening experience that people really want.  


According to the 2022 Qualcomm State of Sound report, battery life is the number one purchase driver for wireless speakers. When Powerfoyle is integrated into portable speakers, the solar cell generates power in all light conditions, from natural outdoor light to artificial indoor light. Instead of cycling through power charges and battery drains, devices are continuously charging using surrounding light. So if people are at a picnic, on the go or just around the house, they can enjoy endless listening. No more worrying about battery life, just audio when they want it.



“Do you have a charging cable?”

“What kind of cord does this take?”

“Is there a power outlet around here?”


“Do you have a charging cable?”


“What kind of cord does this take?”


“Is there a power outlet around here?”

With solar-powered products, people don’t need to ask these all-too-common questions. By switching from traditional wall charging, people never have to worry about having the right cords or being tethered to a power outlet. Additionally, by eliminating the need for traditional wall chargers and charging cables, consumers reduce e-waste.

In this, Powerfoyle unlocks a level of convenience and freedom like never before. Solar-powered products are poised to change behaviors and set new expectations for the ultimate user experience.

High performance in indoor or outdoor light

Unaffected by partial shading


Surface textures



Design possibilities for Seamless Integration

At Exeger, we understand that companies work for years to craft product designs that reflect the unique style and aesthetics of their brand. That’s why we have made a solar cell that is customizable, so that when it comes to design, anything is possible.

Custom Shape and TExture

When it comes to Powerfoyle’s design, anything is possible. Our solar cell is fully adaptable and can be produced in any shape or texture. For example, it can look like leather, brushed steel or fabric. Additionally, your logo or other graphics can be printed directly onto the top cell layer with minimal effect on the performance.

flexible and durable

Powerfoyle is uniquely flexible and durable. The cell’s flexibility and customizable shape allow it to be seamlessly integrated into speakers and other products which can have a wide variety of forms.

Additionally, we perform extensive testing to ensure that our solar cells live up to everyday wear and tear, for long-lasting, sustainable products.

Sustainable Solutions for a Smarter world

Already today, many brands are focusing on producing more sustainable products by using recycled and responsibly-sourced materials. Solar-powered products are the next step in environmental responsibility, both for brands and their consumers. With Powerfoyle, you can offer a high-quality product that appeals to environmentally-conscious consumers and aligns with corporate sustainability values.

Further, Powerfoyle’s commitment to sustainability begins with raw materials and continues throughout production. Unlike many other solar cells, Powerfoyle is non-toxic and made using abundantly available raw materials. At Exeger’s urban factories in Stockholm, Sweden, we manufacture Powerfoyle using 100% renewable energy and generating no toxic emissions.

Announced August 2023: Powerfoyle-Powered speaker from Urbanista

Swedish lifestyle audio brand Urbanista announced the latest addition to their selection of light powered audio products: a solar-powered wireless speaker. Urbanista Malibu is a waterproof activity speaker with integrated Powerfoyle solar cell technology that charges whenever exposed to indoor or outdoor light, making it a product truly designed for life in motion.

“The Malibu speaker becomes the third product in just three years, completing the full lineup of audio devices powered by clean, endless energy.”

Giovanni Fili, Founder and CEO of Exeger

Read the press release on our website or visit Urbanista’s product page to sign up for product updates.

Solar-powered Audio

A Competitive Product Offering

Solar-powered audio is a new product category that is already showing great promise in global markets. There are already several Powerfoyle-powered audio products being sold on the market, including headphones and true wireless from Urbanista and sport headphones from adidas.

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