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Powerfoyle solar cells provide a cost-effective, sustainable power solution for sensors by converting surrounding light into endless clean energy.

iot sensor with integrated powerfoyle solar cell mounted on a wall

At Exeger, we have invented a solar cell that converts all forms of light into electrical energy, enabling endless battery life for low-power devices such as sensors. Our solar cell, called Powerfoyle, is environmentally friendly, offers unmatched design options, and is durable for a long product life.

Eliminate the cost and hassle of battery replacements

Customizable design to match your brand aesthetic

Use renewable energy for a more sustainable product

An Integratal Part of Daily Life

We live in a world of sensors. They have become an integral and natural part of our homes, businesses and public spaces as they monitor data and automate processes that optimize our health, safety and security. Found on land, in the air, and in water, sensors provide vital information, and they simplify and improve life in ways we never thought possible.

Maintenance-Free Sensors for Peace of Mind

Powerfoyle-powered sensors provide an extra measure of security in detecting critical property changes in air quality, movement, temperature, and light. Offering potentially endless battery life to sensor applications, Powerfoyle ensures that their vital data detection is always available and updated. In doing so, it eliminates risks related to power outages and battery replacements, which can result in critical gaps in essential and time-sensitive data. What’s more, removing the need for battery maintenance simplifies the management of sensors in hard-to-access locations.

Hassle-Free and Cost-Effective

As new technologies emerge, the Internet of Things is growing exponentially, both in the number of connected devices and how they’re used. However, the hassle and cost associated with frequent battery replacements has been a limitation to full-scale implementation.

Solar-powered sensors are the answer. By harvesting clean, endless energy, they are a maintenance-free solution that can improve efficiency, reduce business costs and increase sales. As they eliminate the need for battery changes, sensors powered by Powerfoyle have a lower total cost of ownership, driven by savings in labor and other resources. With the benefit of clean energy, this becomes a sustainable option and opens doors to new applications and customers who are looking for an environmentally friendly solution.

ENDLESS energy Using Indoor Light

Powerfoyle solar cells stand out for their exceptional performance. We offer two versions of our solar cell: Powerfoyle Indoor and Powerfoyle Hybrid. Each version is optimized to ensure maximum power output based on the light conditions. So even in low, indoor light the solar cell generates as much power as possible, as it is designed especially for that environment.

Thanks to our dye-sensitized solar cell type, our cell can also produce energy in partially shaded conditions, and because it is a single cell, there are no silver lines or area loss.

Without the restraints of battery drain, Powerfoyle-powered sensors can offer enhanced features and more frequent data transmissions, and there’s no need for big batteries or frequent battery replacement. With the benefit of endless clean energy, Powerfoyle paves the way for smarter, more effective sensor devices.

flexible powerfoyle solar cell being bent between hands

High performance in indoor and outdoor light

Unaffected by partial shading


Surface textures



No Compromise on Design

When it comes to Powerfoyle’s design, anything is possible. Our solar cell is fully customizable and can be produced in any size, shape or texture. These design capabilities allow Powerfoyle to be seamlessly integrated into any product.

Textures and Graphics Printing

Thanks to Powerfoyle’s customization options, your sensors can look attractive or blend in with an environment or brand design. For example, the solar cell can look like leather, brushed steel or fabric. Your logo or other graphics can also be printed directly onto the top cell layer with minimal effect on performance.

Flexible and Durable

Powerfoyle is uniquely flexible and durable, and the flexibility makes it possible for the solar cell to be integrated on curved surfaces. Our cells undergo extensive testing to ensure it can hold up over time and with minimal maintenance.


 As the IoT expands at an incredible rate, it is no longer sustainable for connected devices to be battery powered. Based on current market growth, an estimated 78 million batteries from connected devices will be dumped globally every day by 2025 (Source: Europe EnABLES project). With solar-powered sensors, renewable energy replaces the high environmental cost of battery waste and gives a concrete example of your company’s commitment to a sustainable future. 

At Exeger, our commitment to sustainability is evident in everything that we do. Powerfoyle is a non-toxic solar cell, made using responsibly-sourced raw materials. The electricity used in our production sites comes from 100% renewable energy sources and generates no toxic emissions.



Powerfoyle offers a better solution for sensor devices, increasing ease and improving functionality while making way for new sensor technologies. What’s more, it is an environmentally friendly solution that resonates with consumers who have sustainability in mind. With industrial-scale production at our two factories in Stockholm, we can produce 2.5 million square meters of solar cells per year. 

Contact us today to discuss how Powerfoyle can be integrated with your sensor components, systems, and platforms to enhance your offer.

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