Investor Relations

Group structure and ownership

Exeger Operations AB is the operational company of the group, containing all assets. Exeger Sweden AB (publ) is a passive holding company which’s only asset is its holding in Exeger Operations AB.

Exeger Operations AB is owned by Exeger Sweden AB (publ) (780,723 ordinary shares or 95,91%) and SoftBank Group Corp (33,308 preference shares or 4,09%). The preference shares give SoftBank Group Corp a 1x liquidation preference on their investment in case Exeger Operations AB is liquidated.

The shares of both Exeger Sweden AB (publ) and Exeger Operations AB are registered in a record day register through Euroclear AB. The share ledgers are updated quarterly and copies of Exeger Sweden AB (publ)’s share ledger can be provided upon request to

Exeger Sweden AB (publ)

Exeger Sweden AB (publ), Org. ID 556777-6926, has 44,049,752 shares outstanding.

The ISIN is SE0004871754.

Exeger Operations AB

Exeger Operations AB, Org. ID 559073-6806, has 814,031 shares outstanding, of which 780,723 are ordinary shares and 33,308 are preference shares.

The ISIN for the ordinary shares is SE0012506905 and ISIN for the preference shares is SE0012506921.

Warrant programs

Exeger Sweden AB (publ)
There are no outstanding warrants in Exeger Sweden AB (publ).

Exeger Operations AB
There are 77,777 outstanding warrants in Exeger Operations AB, with a dilutive effect of 8.9%. The warrants have a strike price of SEK 8,150 and mature in October 2023.

At full exercise the proceeds to the company amount to SEK 634 million and the share capital increase amount to SEK 5,555.