Investor Relations

Updated 20230125

Group structure

Exeger Sweden AB (publ)

Exeger Sweden AB (publ), corporate organization number 556777-6926 is the parent company of the Exeger group. Exeger Sweden has no other assets that its ownership in the subsidiary Exeger Operations AB. The shares in Exeger Sweden are freely tradable and brokered by Pareto Securities and other trading institutes.

Exeger Sweden has:

– 4,000,000 Class A shares outstanding with ISIN SE0018690026;
– and 50,151,275 Class B shares outstanding with ISIN SE0018689994.

The Class A shares have been issued to the founder Giovanni Fili. These shares do not have any economic rights but entitle to a higher number of votes per share. Right now, the Class A shares represent 28,000,000 votes in total (seven votes per share and 35.8 percent of the total votes).

The Class B shares are ordinary shares with one vote per share and full economic rights.

Exeger Operations AB

Exeger Operations AB, corporate registration number 559073-6806, is the operating company of the group, containing all the assets, employees and operations.

Exeger Operations is owned by Exeger Sweden (888,864 ordinary shares or 96.39%) and SoftBank Group Corp (33,308 preference shares or 3.61%). The preference shares give SoftBank Group Corp a 1x liquidation preference on its investment in case Exeger Operations is liquidated. Otherwise, the preference shares and the ordinary shares have the same rights.

The ISIN for the ordinary shares is SE0012506905 and ISIN for the preference shares is SE0012506921.


The shares of both Exeger Sweden and Exeger Operations are registered in the record day register maintained by Euroclear AB. The share registers are updated quarterly and copies of Exeger Sweden’s share register can be ordered from Euroclear.

Warrant programs

Exeger Sweden AB (publ)
There are no outstanding warrants in Exeger Sweden AB (publ).

Exeger Operations

There are 77,777 outstanding warrants of Series 2018/24:1 in Exeger Operations. The warrants have a strike price of SEK 8,150 (corresponding to a share price in Exeger Sweden of approximately SEK 144).

In addition, there are 10,264 outstanding warrants of each of Series 2021/24:1-3 in Exeger Operations (i.e. 30,792 warrants in total):

– the warrants of Series 2021/24:1 have a strike price of SEK 8,463
(corresponding to a share price in Exeger Sweden of approximately SEK 150);

– the warrants of Series 2021/24:2 have a strike price of SEK 9,310
(corresponding to a share price in Exeger Sweden of approximately SEK 165);

– the warrants of Series 2021/24:3 have a strike price of SEK 10,156
(corresponding to a share price in Exeger Sweden of approximately SEK 180).

All warrants mature in October 2024. The terms of the warrants provide for “cashless” exercise, meaning that each warrant holder upon exercise will not pay the strike price in cash but rather forfeit a number of shares, the market value of which (share price at the time minus the strike price) correspond to the strike price. Upon exercise, no cash will therefore be contributed to Exeger Operations AB but instead the dilution from the warrants will be lower.

The warrants have been, and will be, allocated to Exeger employees in order to offer a long-term incentive.