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Exeger Information Meeting January 2023

Exeger Q&A June 2022

Session 1: 00:00 – 25:10

Session 2: 25:10 – 1:21:00 (recording of additional questions answered after the AGM)

Exeger Information Meeting June 2022

Exeger Q&A December 2021

Exeger Information Meeting December 2021

Exeger Q&A May 2021

Exeger Shareholder presentation May 2021

Henrik Lindström and Giovanni Fili – Flexible solar cells for portable devices

CEO Giovanni Fili at Techarenan 2021 ”Hur fungerar lånefinansiering och garantier för tillväxtbolag?” (Swedish)

CEO Giovanni Fili answers questions at Techarenan 2021 (English)

Share holder presentation December 2020

CEO Giovanni Fili pitches at Techarenan 2020 (English)