We invent, engineer, and provide world-changing technologies to improve everyday life. The vision is to touch the lives of a billion people within the next decade.



Exeger is a driving force of new science and technology for sustainable energy. Our solar cell innovation transforms any form of light into electrical power to improve everyday life – no matter where you are. After more than a decade of scientific research to create a new solar cell, we have developed a world-changing material that drives new possibilities for people and their everyday products. Exeger is leading the way towards a new chapter with smarter, more sustainable, self-powered products.


Irreversible technology is world-changing technology. With the aim to improve everyday life we have developed a material that will change behaviours and improve experiences – a new era of self-powered products.

Disruption happens when new technology is used at scale. That can only happen when the product or service it enables is important to people.”

Giovanni Fili, CEO and founder


Our patented material, Powerfoyle, has been brought to market after more than a decade of scientific research and industry development. The material converts any light to electrical energy, in a process inspired by the natural principle of photosynthesis. With this, we want to improve  all current and future products and solutions with endless energy.

In the heart of Stockholm, we have developed an urban factory where research meets engineering, enabling the unique technology to print solar cells on an industrial scale. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations with leading companies, we find new ways in which our material can disrupt markets. Together, we develop products and solutions, driving a new era of self-powered products for a smarter and more sustainable world.


We believe in the power of light. Powerfoyle is designed and engineered for people and our daily needs. It has the unique ability to transform any outdoor and indoor light into clean, endless energy.

Powerfoyle is made for the techies, the sports geeks, and the music enthusiasts. For those who love to stay indoors, and all the outdoor adventurers. For you and me. The resilient, flexible, and seamless design of our material allows it to be integrated onto any product that benefits from being powered. Any light works.

Powerfoyle will power your products whether you are reading an e-book in your living room or listening to your headphones on the way to work. You can charge your products both through the lights in your home and the light outside. You do not need direct sunlight, even during cloudy days, the ambient light will do the work.